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The following are for information for Committee members.

Legal advice: governance implications of the lockdown period

We are aware that the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions are continuing to create practical challenges for WIs in terms of completing their annual governance requirements. Based on the changing position with regard to national and regional restrictions and the changing legislative environment, this note is the latest NFWI guidance and replaces the April 20 and July 20 guidance.

WI Handbook

The document produced by NFWI. It explains everything related to running a local WI for officers and members.

The WI Constitution

The Governing document for the WI.

The SFWI Constitution

The Governing document for SFWI.

The NFWI Constitution

The Governing document for NFWI.

New Members Pack

Welcome to our new Members Pack. Please share this with those who have recently joined your WI and any future members as an introduction to being a member of your WI, Surrey Federation and the NFWI.

Keeping Records

This document advises which documents need to be kept usually by the WI Secretary or Treasurer and for how long. Documents such as past minutes and old scrapbooks can be lodged with the Surrey History Centre where they can be viewed when required. Contact the Federation Archivist for advice.

The WI Year

This document for the WI Year is a list of the various items that occur on a WI committee’s agenda at regular times during the year.

Guidance Notes for Tellers

This document informs Tellers, who are invited to another WI’s annual meeting, what is expected of them as the role of Teller.

Teller Voting Record

This chart should be used to inform the outcome of any vote.

The following forms should be completed and returned as indicated so that the Federation is kept up to date with your information and requirements.

Trustee Eligibility Declaration Form

Members of the NFWI Board, Surrey Federation Board or WI Committee are all charity trustees. Please refer to the Charity Commission’s The Essential Trustee booklet for more information on the basic duties of a charity trustee. This form is used to declare that you are willing to act as a Trustee of the named organisation.

Stationery Order Form

Please use this form if you need to order any new NFWI stationery for your WI such as an Account book, or Subscription receipt book.

In order to encourage WI members to meet and mix with those from other WIs, the concept of Groups was started. WIs are identified in areas to form a Group, which is run by a Co-ordinator, an Assistant Co-ordinator (Secretary) and Treasurer, all of whom are elected by the members at the Group annual meeting in March/April. The Group holds at least one meeting a year where the Presidents of all the WIs in the Group get together with the Group WI Adviser to be briefed and updated on Federation news and information. Apart from the annual meeting, some Groups organise other social occasions with speakers or entertainers and outings. All Groups are run in the same way as a WI and produce an annual report and financial statement. Not all WIs are members of a Group but they are affiliated to a Group and their President usually attends the Presidents’ meeting.

Group Structure And Terms of Reference

This document provides the information about how the Groups are be organised by the Co-ordinator.

Group Financial Statement Proforma

The Group financial year usually ends at the end of December. This proforma is supplied for the Group Treasurer to complete as the Financial Statement for the Group.

Group Application For A Federation Trained IFEx

All Groups also need to have their accounts examined and signed off to present to the Group Annual Meeting, usually held in March or April. Group Treasurers are encouraged to use a Federation trained IFEx to do this work but need to apply by the end of November.

Group Treasurer Insurance Payment Request

This request covers the Group’s contribution to the Public Liability Insurance as well as a contribution towards expenses incurred by the WI Adviser on Group Business. This completed form and payment should be returned to the Federation by the end of May.

Group Annual Review Form

This form should be completed after the Group Annual Meeting and returned to the Federation Secretary. This form reports on the activities of the Group in the last year.

Group Information Form

This form should be completed after the Group Annual meeting and returned to the Federation Secretary so that the Federation has a record of the new committee.

The following are for information with reference to booking and paying speakers.

Confidential Report on Speakers Form

This form should be completed and returned to SFWI for every speaker who has attended a WI meeting to provide feedback about speakers. Even if the speaker is not on the Speakers List a report should be sent, because it may be decided that good outside speakers need to be on the list. These reports also enable us to review the list so that it includes a good selection of satisfactory speakers.

Speakers Invoice

This invoice should be used if the Speaker does not provide one for your Treasurer to pay against. It is in Word format so that you can personalise it for your WI.

Confirmation of  Booking Form

This form should be sent to Speakers to confirm the booking for one of your meetings. It is in Word format so that you can personalise it for your WI.

Speakers Booking Form

This form should be sent to Speakers you are requiring to book for one of your meetings. It is in Word format so that you can personalise it for your WI.

The following are for information for Treasurers.

Treasurer Handbook

This document is intended to assist the Treasurer in carrying out her task.

Helpful hints for Treasurers

A selection of items aimed at helping Treasurers produce a better set of financial statements.

Accounts Spreadsheet

This Excel spreadsheet should be used by all treasurers to maintain WI accounts. The spreadsheet for the current financial year will always be available and should be used as each may differ from year to year.

Membership Subscriptions Information

This is a copy of the letter sent out by NFWI informing Federations about the subscriptions for 2020 with the breakdown and pro rata rates.

Membership Subscriptions Payment Form

This form is to be used to pay the SFWI and NFWI portion of the membership subscriptions for all full members. Payment of pooling of fares, insurance and accommodation etc is also included in the payment form. Any pro rata subscriptions received in the last quarter of the year should also be covered on this form. This form should be completed, and the money sent to SFWI before the end of March.  An Excel version is also available.

Additional Subscriptions Request Form

This form is to be used to pay the SFWI and NFWI portion of the membership subscriptions for all members for whom you have not already made a payment in the quarter to 31st March 2020. Payments should be made as soon as possible after the end of each quarter. The quarter end dates are 30th June 2020, 30th September 2020 and 31st December 2020. An excel version is also available

Gift Aid Declaration Form

This form should be completed by all members for whom the WI is claiming Gift Aid. There are two versions of this form:

  • a PDF version for printing; or
  • an Word version for editing to personalise it for your WI.

Pubic Liability Insurance Certificate

The current Public Liability Insurance Certificate may need to be presented when planning an event. The insurance is arranged through the federation and therefore any claim on the insurance must be passed to the Federation Treasurer for processing. This is a federation insurance and therefore all hall bookings whether made in the name of the WI, Group or federation and will be covered by the insurance. The insurance certificate is only valid for a year and is renewed in May when a new certificate will be uploaded.