WI membership runs from 1 April to 31 March and entitles you to eight copies a year of the WI membership magazine, WI Life, as well as a copy of Surrey WI News each month.

For a full membership subscription, currently £48 for 12 months (April 2024 rate), you will enjoy a varied programme chosen by your WI. Every member can contribute ideas for speakers, activities and events – the options are only limited by your imagination!  Each WI holds at least eleven meetings a year and events and activities at regional and national level you can take part in.

Since January 2015 new arrangements have applied for anyone joining the WI for the first time, i.e. who have not previously been a member of any WI. New members will pay a pro-rata subscription depending on the quarter in which they join.

WIs all follow the same objects but differ according to their membership – for example, some may be more craft orientated or others may focus on campaigning. If you’re thinking of joining a WI, we suggest you visit several and find the WI which works for you. It is up to you to get what you want out of what is on offer.

Members who wish to belong to more than one WI can become dual members, paying a full fee to the first WI, and a further £23.60 (April 2024 rate) to any additional WI. However, you only have full voting rights on matters relating to your primary WI.

An NFWI Associate pays an annual subscription fee of £52.00 (at 2023 rate), and receives WI Life, National and Federation newsletters/magazines; a copy of the Annual Review; invitations to events throughout the year, the opportunity to take part in national competitions and campaigns and access to MyWI, the dedicated WI membership site.

Becoming an Associate is a great way for many women to familiarise themselves with the WI. You have the option to visit different WIs (a visitor fee may be payable) and the opportunity to explore the whole organisation. If you would like to join the NFWI Associate Scheme, contact our Guildford office.

An unforgettable event is the NFWI Annual Meeting, which brings together representatives from WIs all over the country to review the work of the organisation and vote on the resolutions that form the backbone of the NFWI’s campaigns.