This section has been compiled to assure you that no question is trivial and has not been asked in the long history of the WI. We hope to add to the list to assist WIs and their Members, so please ask the question!

What do WI Advisers do?

The Advisers’ prime function is to support and advise. They look for opportunities to open new WIs, enlarge existing ones by recruiting new members, suspend or re-form WIs where necessary. They offer training to members and their WIs. Members who wish to train as Advisers are recommended by their Federation but both the training and appointment comes from NFWI.

Why are events never held in our part of the Federation?

Venues for events are carefully considered and alternative areas are tried, but preference is given to venues that are well supported.

I find the paperwork and administration a nightmare. Why do we have to have WI 'business'?

Members have a right to be kept informed of activities within the WI at all levels – group, Federation and national – as this is one of the benefits of their membership. They should be told of events which have taken place and what’s planned for the future (which may include payment information, travel details etc.). This information is usually announced at meetings, but can be reinforced by email, on websites and social media.

Why do we have to repeat information on forms we send in to the office after our annual meetings?

When the financial review, annual review and WI information forms arrive at the office they are collated by different volunteers, who have to review the information on the form and chase up individual WIs if information is missing.

Why do we vote for resolutions twice each year?

You don’t! In January you individually select your preferred resolution from a short list of about six and in May you vote as a WI on those that are shortlisted. The result of the nationwide vote is announced in June. Full information on resolutions is given on the NFWI website.

Do we have to vote for President every year?

Yes. The system of asking members to vote for a President every year from those appointed to the committee helps ensure that everyone is able to ‘have a go’ if they wish. It also allows members to nominate the person they wish to be President.



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