Advisers are WI members who have shown an interest in working as part of the Member Support team at Federation level. If a member’s application to be an Adviser is successful, she is trained and appointed by the NFWI. The course evolves along with technology and much more of it is now done via the internet.

Once trained, Advisers work as part of the Member Support team.  Each is responsible for specific WIs and they help and support each other, share ideas and do all they can to help WIs and members get the best out of their membership money and WI experience.

Advisers are responsible for opening, enlarging, supporting and, sadly, sometimes suspending WIs. The majority of their work is a supportive role, a listening ear, a signpost to information, an ideas bank and a way of connecting with the wider WI.

They run workshops to develop members’ skills and knowledge at various locations around the Federation, using a mixture of national programmes and more specific information. They use the agricultural and horticultural shows at which the Federation is represented to advertise the WI and its benefits, with the aim of attracting new members, and are also available at the Federation meeting each year at Dorking Halls to talk to members, explain their role and answer specific questions.

Any member can contact an Adviser, they are listed in the Year Book or the office can put you in touch with yours. Contact the office too if you would like to find out more about the role of a WI Adviser or the Member Support Team.

Chris Butterfield

Member of Chipstead Evening and Surrey Virtual Vixens WI

Carole Hurlstone-Clarke

Member of Christmas Pie and Normandy Nightingales WI

Angie Leach

Member of Streatham and Surrey Vixens Virtual WI

Chris Wilson

Member of Hook & Chessington WI

Anne van Vliet

Member of Dormans Evening, Surrey Vixens Virtual and YWI Dormansland WI



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