Each member is able to campaign on any resolutions that have been approved by the NFWI, past or present. Members can campaign individually, as part of their WI or a Federation group and sometimes join in National campaign events.

Our campaigns take many forms and can include writing to your MP to ask about climate change issues, your health authority to express your support for funding for mental (as well as physical) health issues, your local supermarkets to ask how they are tackling food waste and many more initiatives.

Sometimes we march or lobby Parliament as part of a larger group of likeminded individuals; the March for Women procession and rally in March each year is a perfect time for the WI to show its concern and campaigning history surrounding women’s equality and rights.

Climate lobbies and marches enable the WI to support and lead, asking tough questions and inviting interaction with MPs and other concerned parties.

Members are encouraged to participate in campaigns that concern them and their communities and to raise awareness where appropriate. The ‘In a Spin’ campaign got many members talking about ways to reduce microfibre leakage into the water systems of our nation and led to involvement with wider campaigns and initiatives surrounding single use plastic and other environmental issues. Past campaigns have been to increase stem cell donation through ‘Make a Match’ and to ‘Stop Modern Slavery’. More information about current campaigns can be found on the NFWI website.

Our campaigns that enable us to partner with other organisations, locally and/or nationally, help us to increase their success. Please look out for ways to join or start your campaigning journey.