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The following mailing was sent to WIs at the end of September: 

?WI Annual Review Form 

?WI Information Form 

Please complete any forms very accurately and clearly in print and return to the office as soon as possible. The information is needed to update our records to ensure that WIs and officers receive the most up to date information. 

The 2021 NFWI Annual Meeting (AM) is planned for Monday, April 19 at the Royal Albert Hall. The NFWI will inform us of our ticket allocation this month. We will send you the information as soon as we receive it. We have been told the price for observer tickets is £22. 

Please remember that this is written at least a month in advance so please check the letter that comes with the mailing for the most up to date information. Please contact the office, preferably by email, as soon as possible if you have not received any of the above. 

The Annual Review and Information Forms are also on the Surrey Federation website to save on paper and postage. 

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