Message from our Federation Treasurer 

Help: We need more IFEs* 

(*Independent Financial Examiners)

Could you be a Surrey Independent Financial Examiner? 

It is a requirement that all WIs have their annual financial statements examined by an Independent Financial Examiner (IFE). 

Many Surrey WIs know of someone local to them that can per- form the examination. However many do not know someone suitable, and so use an IFE appointed by Surrey Federation. Members of this small team each examine the financial statements for several WIs to make sure the figures presented to members at the annual meeting are in accordance with the objects of the WI and are a correct summary of the transactions in the year. 

As most Surrey WIs have September year ends and November annual meetings, we have a flurry of work in October and early November but not much at any other part of the year. A small fee is paid to examiners for undertaking the work 

We are always on the lookout for more examiners. If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in joining the team please contact me. The examiner does not have to be a WI Treasurer or a WI member; for example if you have a recently retired partner at home whom you think needs occupying they can volunteer (or do I mean can be volunteered?). Or do you have a friend who has time on her hands? The role requires a basic under- standing of spreadsheets as the majority of our WIs prepare their financial statements on a spreadsheet. A reasonable competence with numbers is advisable and an enquiring mind essential. Training is provided to enable understanding of the WI rules and objectives, our Treasurer Handbook and the spreadsheet. 

?Please email Sheena at the office, if you are interested or would like more information. 

Sheena Landgraf, Federation Treasurer

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