AT THE end of August/early September we sent a mailing to WI secretaries which included:

* Delegate and observer order forms for tickets to the 2023 NFWI Annual Meeting at St Davids Hall, Cardiff, together with a copy of the WI Linking List. Please complete and return your application for tickets to the federation office as soon as possible.
* WI Annual Meeting Forms: Can you please ensure all forms are completed accurately and clearly and returned to the Federation office as soon after your Annual Meeting as possible? We use this information to send out magazines, tickets etc. so when house numbers or email addresses are incorrect these do not reach their desired destination. Thank you very much for your help with this.

If your secretary has not received this information please contact the office as soon as possible.
Please also check the website (www.surreyfedwi.org.uk) for downloadable documents as well as news and information.

Karen Whitehead
Federation Secretary

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