No mailing is anticipated for WIs at the end of February. There will be a delegate’s pack to be collected at the Annual Council Meeting and information will be available on our website; some will be for your representative but the rest will be for your WI.

Please tell the office of any changes to your venue, President, Secretary or Treasurer details as we use the information from MCS and your Annual Forms for all correspondence.

MCS reps should take members off the database if they have not renewed by March. To do this go into to the person’s individual details and change their status from Active to Inactive. A box will pop up: select a reason from the drop down menu and then press the confirm change button. Let me know if a member is taken off the database because she is late in renewing as I can reinstate her details without you having to re-enter them.

If a member who has paid her full subscription to your WI moves away, she should remain on your membership list with her address updated as she is still entitled to receive WI Life and should not be removed from your list until 2021. And don’t forget that you can find non-data sensitive documents on our website.

— Diane Sanderson, Federation Secretary

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