A MAILING will be sent to all WI secretaries at the end of January/early February. We have spent a lot of time in December working through the information forms provided by WIs to check that the information on MCS is correct, so that the mailing lists are as accurate as possible.
The mailing will consist of the following, but please check the mailing letter for up-to-date details as this is written a few weeks before SWIN is printed:
* Presidents and Secretaries List 2023;
* Annual Review 2022;
* Two copies of the 2023 Yearbook, please use this edition to book speakers;
* Letter to secretaries about the council meeting together with Standing Orders for Council Meetings;
* Minutes of the Annual Council Meeting 2021.
Please note: WIs that have opted to use Office 365 will only receive the Yearbook. All mailing documents will be under a folder named Mailed Documents.
Non-data protected information including that listed below is on the website, www.surreyfedwi.org.uk under the document library — https://surreyfedwi. org.uk/resources/document-library-2/
* Membership Fees Form;
* Keeping of Records;
* The WI Year.
The website is regularly updated with new files and documents and contains lots of resources so please use it. If you would like a hard copy of any document get in touch with the office and we will post it to you.
Karen, Jeanie, Ruth and Katie would like to wish all members a happy and healthy 2023.
Karen Whitehead, Federation Secretary

Karen Whitehead
Federation Secretary

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