Our treasurer Sheena Landgraf reports that she has had a couple of queries from WIs where the operators of the halls they meet in are asking for COVID insurance. 

Her response is that the insurance policy held by Surrey Federation does not cover COVID-19 — and Sheena doubts that there is any policy in existence that does as it is generally considered to be an “Act of God” event. 

“Our insurance covers injury or damage resulting from negligence,” she explains. “As long as a WI completes risk assessments and complies with latest government guidelines, it has done all it can to mitigate risk of all incidents, not just the spread of COVID, and you have fulfilled your role to make things as safe as possible.” 

She says she is not exactly sure what the halls in question actually want to be covered and has suggested the operators contact her directly by emailing her at info@surreyfedwi.org.uk so that she can answer any specific questions about the Federation’s insurance cover. 

She adds: “If they want all their tenants to have COVID insurance they will be waiting a long time before their hall gets any use.” 

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