It seems to have flown by so quickly, summer holidays are almost over and we are once again at the stage of getting ready for our annual meetings (or most of us are).
Hopefully, you will know by now if your WI’s officers (President, Secretary and Treasurer) intend to stay in post for another year.
If they are not, are other members willing to take on these mantles? These roles are not onerous and can be shared among committee members to lighten the load if necessary.
In order to help you with your annual meetings, we will once again be holding Annual Meetings Made Easy workshops. These will cover the reasons for holding an annual meeting, processes for election of the committee and President and what paperwork is required by the Federation office after the meeting.
Three workshops are being held on Monday, October 3:
Face to face events: 10am-12noon SFWI HQ in Guildford; 2pm-4pm: The Woodhatch Centre, Whitebeam Drive, Reigate RH2 7LS.
Online event: 7.30pm-9.30pm.
If you want to come to one of them please apply by September 29.
For those of you who are contemplating taking up one of the officer or committee responsibilities, we are also running workshops in December, both face to face and online via Zoom, to help Presidents, Secretaries and committee members, so that you can get to grips with these roles as soon as possible.
Full details were given in last month’s magazine, and the dates/times/venues are listed in the Coming Up column on Page 3. Each workshop costs £9 which you can reclaim from your WI with members’ consent.
Please remember that your WI Advisers will be only too happy to visit and help things run as smoothly as possible at your meetings.
Finally, when the business of your annual meeting has been conducted, it is nice to provide the members with something light-hearted to finish the meeting — a game of bingo or a beetle drive? – Carole Hurlstone Clarke and Helen Mayne King

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