Take a walk to help ACWW 

This year has started like no other so the urge to hibernate (aided by the weather and COVID-19 restrictions) is almost irresistible. However I would urge you to think forward to ACWW Day on 29 April.

This could be celebrated by planning a walk for Women Walk The World or if restrictions stop us walking together, or in small groups, maybe we could add the distance we walk individually each day together to make an impressive total, and contribute a sum per mile! 

As the Meetings in a Bag were so successful prior to Christmas, maybe a similar effort with an international theme could be put together to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March. There is so much information on the ACWW website under Funded Projects where you will see that relatively small amounts of money are benefiting so many women and their families. 

Finally, for those of you who knit for ACWW projects overseas, please, please continue knitting but hold on to the garments until normal travel arrangements are resumed. 

The result of the tea towel competition should be announced soon! For more information please go to www.acww.org.uk.

Jill Mulryan, ACWW Representative

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