Subscription Rates 2021

The annual subscription rate for 2021 will be £44, payable from April 1. The table shows what new members joining the WI from April 2021 for the first time, or who have not previously been a member of any WI in the past ten years, will pay, depending on the quarter in which they join, and how the subscriptions are distributed between WIs, Federations and the NFWI. 

Date of JoiningTotal SubWI ShareFed. ShareNFWI Share
1st April – 30th June£44.00£21.60£10.30£12.10
1st July – 30th Sept£33.00£16.20£7.73£9.08
1st Oct – 31 Dec£22.00£10.80£5.15£6.05
1 Jan – 31 March£11.00£5.40£2.58£3.03

Dual members pay £21.60 to their second WI. There is no pro-rata rate for dual members. The new rates mean that the WI share will in- crease by 50p, the Federation share by 30p and the NFWI share by 20p. 

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