WILL 2021 be the last year your WI was able to use a Surrey Independent Financial Examiner?

The majority of WIs in Surrey had their accounts examined by a Surrey trained and appointed examiner in  2021.  But this is under threat in 2022 due to a shortage of examiners. If this happens, every WI will have to find their own examiner, as accounts have to be examined before being presented to members at the annual meeting.

Several WIs commented that their examiner lived on the other side of Surrey, and asked why couldn’t they have one closer to home.  This was unavoidable as only one current examiner lives to the west of Guildford and obviously she could not do all the examinations for that half of the county.

In the next few months some examiners will be stepping down and unless they can be replaced, we will not be able to cover all the WIs who would like an SFWI appointed examiner

Can you — or someone you know — help us to keep this service  going? All potential examiners will receive training and do not need to have any prior knowledge of preparing WI accounts, or even to be a WI member.

Most of the Surrey examinations take place in October and November leading up to our annual meetings in November.  The WI pays a small fee for each examination. About the only requirement is that you like figures and have the time to do it. You might be a WI treasurer wanting to help others. You might have recently retired or otherwise have spare  time, or you might know someone who could join the team — a partner, parent or a friend.

To find out more, please email Sheena Landgraf, the Federation treasurer at

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