We know that many of you take part in the NFWI’s Show the Love campaign and make green hearts from fabric, seeds, soap or other materials to help to spread the word that we need to be mindful of our environment.

The WI is a founding partner in the Climate Coalition which organises this annual visual campaign to raise awareness of Climate Change.

Never has there been so much passion and urgency around our rapidly increasing climate. We would like to ask you to encourage your members to make and distribute green hearts in your community to highlight local, national and international issues.

The NFWI has a great campaign pack which they will send you if you ask. There are also useful resources on MyWI and we would like to share your story on social media, the website and Surrey WI News, so please send us photos and stories. If you have other climate action groups within your community you could partner with them to provide a larger community project. Please let us know your success stories so we can inspire other WIs to get involved.

***A Campaign Calendar for the first half of 2020, drawn up by our Public Affairs Committee, was displayed at the Annual Council Meeting. It lists month- by-month the campaigns on which we shall focus during the year including Show the Love (February), cervical cancer screening (March) and Dementia Awareness (May). More details in next month’s Surrey WI News.

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