WI MEMBERS nationwide have been writing, editing and submitting resolutions to the National Federation. In the Autumn representatives from WIs around the country met to narrow down the proposed resolutions to a manageable number and a shortlist was prepared.
Now every WI member in the country has the opportunity to be part of the process by selecting the resolution that she would like to go forward to a vote later in the year.
To enable members to make an informed choice, the NFWI has produced information about each proposed resolution. You can find it in WI Life and on MyWI. All members are encouraged to read the information to enable them to gain a better insight into which resolution they would like to select.
January WI meetings are a good time for members to discuss and select their individual preferred resolution (preferably by secret means). Individual selections are then collected and forwarded to the Federation office by the given date.
The Federation forwards your WI’s selections to the Public Affairs department at NFWI, to be added to the rest from across the country.
Once this part of the process has been completed we will be presented with one or two resolutions favoured by the most members. WIs will then vote on the one they wish to go forward to the NFWI Annual Meeting in June.
Please encourage as many members as possible to take part in the selection process to keep the results representative of all members.
The proposed resolutions are: 1. Save our water; 2. A new leaf in the life of women tea workers; 3. Online gambling harm: Time for action; 4. Clean rivers for people and wildlife.

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