A couple of insurance items have arisen:


Hopefully you know that cheques and cash should be banked within seven days of receipt. This is a requirement of charity legislation and our insurance. Our insurance policy has a limit on how much cash is covered when not kept in a safe.  As most of us do not have a safe at home, a larger sum of cash might not be insured even overnight. If your WI is holding an event and anticipates making more than £1,000 in cash from takings/floats combined, please contact me with details. I would like to know the date of the event, when you expect to bank the money and the maximum cash you will hold so that I can get the policy updated to cover all the cash from your event.

Car insurance

Are you covered for any mileage you do for the WI? Driving to your WI meeting you are covered under your normal “social, domestic and pleasure” cover (SDP). Anyone who commutes to work by car will have SDP+ commuting (SDPC) cover.  If you claim mileage from your employer you will have SDPC+business (SDPCB).

Mileage done on official WI business, i.e. delivering the year-end papers/books to the independent examiner, is volunteer mileage. Most insurance companies do not charge extra to add cover for volunteer mileage if you ask them, and if you have SPDCB that will probably cover you, but you might want to check that you have the car insurance you need.


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