Hello to Anne and Helen — your new WI Advisers 

The Federation has two new WI Advisers thanks to lockdown, which gave Anne Van Vliet  (pictured left) and Helen Mayne King (pictured right) the opportunity to conclude the extensive studies required. Anne ended her training in May and Helen has recently finished all the modules and assignments. 

Anne has been a member of Dormans Evening WI for 45 years and a dual member of YWI Dormansland for four years. Helen is the secretary of Pyrford WI and a dual member of New Haw and Woodham WI. 

Anne was lucky enough to attend all her training sessions at Denman but after Helen’s first session there in January this year, lockdown was declared and a new method of online webinars, zoom meetings and one-to-one tutorials was created. 

The training deals with all aspects of the WI including its history, the WI Constitution, financial matters, its day to day functions — and it is a wonderful feeling when it is all successfully accomplished. 

Many close friendships are made during the training, when you meet other like-minded ladies from all over the country. It’s wonderful to exchange notes and encourage each other as you start on your WI Adviser journey. 

The future looks bright for lots of WI s — many have increased their membership during lockdown and lots have kept in touch in diverse and imaginative ways. 

Zoom meetings, phone calls and emails are the new ways to communicate and we’ve all learnt, grown and moved forward during this unusual year that we’re all experiencing. 

If anyone feels like they would like to join us and train as an Adviser, please contact the Membership Committee or your own Adviser for more information. 

Anne Van Vliet and Helen Mayne King, WI Advisers

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