I have had the pleasure to represent the Surrey Federation at two neighbouring Federations’ Annual Council Meetings – one with our Treasurer, Sheena, and the other with my Co-Chair Angie. Other Trustees have also been attending ACMs. Why do we do it and why do their representatives visit us? One reason is to learn from one another, to have a fresh look at the Annual Council Meetings. These are held at yearly intervals to update members on the financial viability of their Federation, recap on the previous year’s activities and learn more about future plans. The other is to deepen friendships with other women who are just as passionate about WI as Angie and I
Most Federations are meeting in small venues as fewer of their members wish to travel as they managed to prior to Covid. They have  only a few traders than we have in Surrey as the foot fall is reduced. A shorter day, just speakers and the reports, all over by 1pm. These were all points our Board considered when organising our Autumn Federation Meeting 2024 (AFM 2024) along with the feedback we gained from you. One thing that was mentioned several times was, why do we always go to Dorking? There are many answers to this question, but the Board of Trustees have taken the decision to test the location question.
Earlier this year we asked for ideas for suitable venues, one of which was Bourne Hall in Ewell. Easy public transport and parking available. The style of the hall leads us to a new concept of presentation more in line with our campaigns. So for the AFM24, we will be meeting at Ewell on the 28 October under the broad heading, Surrey Federation Cares….. for the Climate.
The Board decided that we will retain the usual format for our Annual Council Meeting 2024, when we will be meeting at the Dorking Halls on 18 March 2024.
I hope you will enjoy the blend of previously enjoyed style of meeting with the new.

Jill Mulryan, Co-Chair, Surrey Federation


Thank you so much to all of you that have contacted us about attending a Sub Committee or Board of Trustee meeting. We want to use our time volunteering to run the Federation as efficiently and as effectively as possible, so hearing from members is crucial.
I have been told that the way we cascade information to WIs and Members is not always clear and helpful. To clarify, when the office or Advisers send emails with information to be cascaded to all members, this is to be done in the way that best suits your own WI and members. This may mean that you forward the emails straight to all members, or you give an outline of the email content to members via your own newsletter (with an invitation to see the full email) or it might be that at your next monthly meeting you inform members of correspondence received from NFWI and SFWI and allow them to see a copy of the full email if they wish. Please contact the
office if you are unable to print out a copy of the information we send, they will send you a printed copy so that any members without an email account will be able to see the relevant information, if they wish to.
Last month I said that the HE Sub committee was running a Chutney making class in the Autumn, I am wrong – it is next spring. I muddled up Chutney Making and Making the Most of your Autumn Harvest. I clearly need to spend more time on HE run courses to know my preserve options!
Meeting members is still very much my favourite part of being in the WI so please do let us know when we can come along and visit with you and your members.

Angie Leach, Co-Chair, Surrey Federation

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