Welcome to the world of the #

THE hashtag world of SFWI awaits you at this year’s Annual Council Meeting, with the Public Affairs team exploring ways to help members take part in our Plastic Free July.

Hashtags can tell us how we can make small choices that together have a big impact on our environment, with tips and ideas as well as facts and consequences in a stand against single use.

    • #SFWI is our generic hashtag which will be used on social media.The lower case letters refer to specific campaigns we are running.
    • #SFWIsayno will be part of the campaign where we suggest things that people can say “no” to and the alternatives that are available.
    • #SFWIswaps is where we encourage straight swaps, such as using cloth bags for shopping, reusable cups, taking containers for meat and buying soap instead of shower gel.

We hope to encourage social media use, introduce members to the hashtag world and build on their expertise with the swaps hash- tag so that all can get involved.

You might think some of what is suggested is simply common sense and doing what wise WI members have always done. But, as Angie Leach, who chairs the team points out: “If everyone was still doing it then we wouldn’t be in the mess we are.”

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