Dorinda Brittle from Surrey Vixens Virtual and Weybridge WIs writes to say she was at a climate group session for the whole country in March. She adds: “Only a few of us from Surrey were there.”
Climate Ambassadors were appointed by NFWI, they were not Federation appointed. The NFWI cannot therefore reveal a list of Climate Ambassadors or their contact details to us because of GDPR. This is not an ideal situation, but it is being addressed by NFWI!
In the meantime Dorinda would like to invite other Surrey Climate Ambassadors to get together and “introduce ourselves, share our experience and explore what we can do.
“We could initially meet via Zoom and if successful, could have regular meetings to share our ideas,” she says.
If you are a Climate Ambassador and would like to meet with others informally in Surrey then please email

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