Enlargement: A Happier Alternative to Suspension

WHAT do we mean when we say “Enlargement”?  This time we are not referring to the results of lockdown eating and lack of regular exercise, thank goodness.

This dreadful pandemic has affected us all and we may take some time to return to our way of life pre-Covid, but the WI continues to flourish and inspire us.  A few WIs are suffering from low numbers of members and increasing costs and are worried about their future.

However, there is a solution which may apply to this particular situation. It is called “Enlargement,” whereby one WI joins another to establish a new, enlarged WI which is clearly a happier alternative to suspension or closure. One WI is called the “terminating” WI and the other is the “continuing” WI.  Each WI calls a Special Meeting and a WI Adviser is present at all the steps and proceedings.

At the Special Meetings of both WIs a secret ballot is held to approve the resolution and terms of the enlargement.  At least one quarter of members must vote on the resolution and a three-quarters majority of those voting is required in favour of the enlargement, in both WIs.

It is a relatively simple process which will mean that members can stay together and also be involved in a happy, positive new step in the history of their WI.  A combined meeting of the WIs is then held to agree the name of the new, enlarged WI, and an election of a new committee and President also takes place.  After completing financial reports, funds from the terminating WI transfer to the continuing WI.  A new, healthy and happy WI is formed.

If any WI considers this as a way forward please consult with your WI Adviser who will help you and discuss a plan of action.

Helen Mayne, WI Adviser

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