A coffee a week can do so much 

ACWW would like you to consider donating a small amount of money regularly — as you would if you were attending our monthly meetings. 

Pennies for Friendship was based on small donations from individuals over a vast membership which can sustain the work of the ACWW. Together we can achieve more. 

ACWW does not receive any government funding, nor does it rely on grants or funding partnerships with bigger organisations. It is fully reliant on its membership and supporters to continue with its vital work improving the lives of rural women around the world. 

In many ways this is a good thing. It means it has the freedom to pursue only the interests of its members, and only in the ways that it knows from more than 90 years of experience will benefit them. 

It is not constrained by funding agreements or government priorities; in fact, it is able to hold governments, companies, and even international bodies to account without any fear, because it knows that its members are the only invested stakeholders. 

So, please consider making a regular donation of a small sum. The price of a cup of coffee a week soon mounts up. See the donations page on www.acww.org.uk — look under Support ACWW. Thank you. 

Jill Mulryan, ACWW Representative 

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