We are delighted to launch our new logo and new colour scheme!

Here is a little background information into our new logo and how we arrived at it in more detail.

So, why the new look?
Our old logo was not actually a ‘logo’ – we used photos and a drawing of the badge. It was not easy to use on documents and branded merchandise, as we did not have any artwork. In addition, we’re working on our new website, and this highlighted the need for a proper logo. The old logo had served us well, but we were aware of something new and wanted something to represent Surrey Federation today.

Our new direction
We asked Karen Horan, a graphic designer and member of Battersea WI, to design our new logo. We wanted a logo which represented Surrey, which also would also work well with the NFWI logo (as they sometimes appear together).

Our previous logo was blue and showed King Edgar’s crown with some oak leaves. Extensive research into Surrey and logos showed that Surrey County Council dropped the crown in the 1970’s. When we researched what Surrey represented, we were struck by the leafy nature of our county and wanted to represent it as a whole, hence the variety of leaves and different shades of green.

As with any logo, we wanted our new logo to convey everything the federation and the WIs which made up Surrey stand for. It also had to be versatile and adaptable, and work in different contexts and still be recognisable, in both colour and black and white. After several weeks of development, we finally arrived at our final design!

We are really pleased with our new logo and hope that you like it too. The five different leaves represented are: oak, birch, beech, hawthorn and horse chestnut. The coming together of the different varieties of leaves from trees within Surrey represents the federation of the many WIs in Surrey and the positioning represents both ‘reaching out’ and ‘bursting forth’.

We believe that the logo stays true to our roots with an eye to the future, evoking sense of modern structure with full flexibility. We’re really excited about it and would like to hear any feedback you wish to share.

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