Speaking With Confidence

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The Adviser team run this course periodically either around the Federation or at larger scale training days. We use the course structure devised by the NFWI which is regularly updated – Advisers are not necessarily trained teachers so we value the framework provided and can adapt it to fit members’ requirements.

This course encourages members to have a go at speaking in front of the rest of the group and is pitched at various levels to enable everyone that takes part to progress during the workshop. Opportunities are provided to speak with confidence to a partner, in small groups and, increasing to address the whole group on a range of well-known topics, with encouragement given at every stage.

We are aware of how daunting it is for some people to speak to a group, let alone to do it with confidence. Our aim is to put you at your ease so you can get the best out of yourself and the workshop. You will be continually coached and coaxed and not made to speak out until you are ready to do so. The workshop is so gentle that before you know it, you are ready to be heard.

Where possible we use a microphone towards the end of the workshop to give experience of hearing your amplified voice. This experience is usually welcomed and members get the hang of it rather quickly.

This workshop is ideal for any member of your WI who wishes to improve confidence at public speaking, irrespective of whether or not they are on the committee. Advisers are always delighted to watch confidence grow throughout the workshop and in some cases see attendees flourish and progress to roles within their WI and the Federation as a result of taking this first step.

Speaking with Confidence training sessions will be bookable from the What’s On page. Click Training Events to check if there is an upcoming one.

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