Date: Thursday 9 April

Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Ticket application closing date: Friday 28 February



This session has been cancelled


Now you have three chances to be briefed on NFWI resolutions

THIS year we are holding three resolution briefings to enable as many members as possible to receive detailed insight to the resolutions going forward to the NFWI’s annual meeting at the Royal Albert Hall on Thursday 4 June. They will be of particular interest if you are attending the annual meeting as a delegate. There will also be guidance on voting procedures.

This year Guildford Spike has succeeded in getting a resolution on the shortlist concerning the need to conserve helium, which is non-renewable and in short supply but is widely used in healthcare, medical and scientific research. The resolution also calls for research to address the shortage of this gas, such as reducing use or improving capture and recycling.

Other shortlisted resolutions call for:

  • An increase in stem cell donor registration;
  • Equitable crash testing of female dummies with male dummies in vehicle safety tests;
  • Protection and support for victims of modern slavery and the need to raise awareness of it in society;
  • A campaign to encourage open discussion about death and dying.

WIs must return their selection results by 14 February and the winning resolution/s will be announced later that month, in good time for us to discuss them at our briefing meetings.

The dates and venues are:

  • Wednesday, 1 April, St Mary’s Hall,The Ridgeway, Fetcham, KT22 9AZ, 10am-12 noon
  • Friday, 3 April, Hookwood Memorial Hall,Withey Meadows, Horley, RH6 0AZ, 2pm-4pm
  • Thursday, 9 April, Belmont Bowling Club, Broadlands Avenue, Streatham, SW16 1NA, 7pm-9pm

Resolution briefing meetings are interesting and always generate lively and informative discussion, so we look forward to your company.

The £9 fee and expenses can be reclaimed from your WI with their agreement.
The closing date for applications is Friday, 28 February.
Please ensure that you make your booking from the post for the date and venue you require as this is automatically included.




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