Independent Financial Examiner

By July 26, 2019 February 23rd, 2020 Training Page

At the end of each financial year in September and October, every WI is required to have their accounts examined by an independent examiner. The examiner confirms that the accounts balance, are compliant with the paperwork and with the requirements of the NFWI, the WI constitution and the Charity Commission.

The Federation trains suitably qualified people to become Independent Financial Examiners (IFEx). The training takes about a day and is held at the Federation headquarters, usually in July. Any member who has financial experience may apply to be an IFEx and if you are interested in becoming an IFEx please contact the Federation office.

Every year, usually in July, a refresher course is offered to enable all trained IFEx to refresh their knowledge and be updated with the latest changes introduced by NFWI or the Charity Commission. In May, WI Treasurers are encouraged to request a Federation trained IFEx to examine their accounts, rather than use someone from outside who maybe does not know about the WI or charity rules.

IFEx training sessions will be bookable from the What’s On page. Click Training Events to check if there is an upcoming one.

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