Date: Wednesday 2 June

Time: 12pm

Location: Virtual 'launch' from Westminster Abbey

Up, up and away!

SFWI is taking part in a second virtual balloon race!

We love the excitement of a good old balloon race – adding your name tag to a balloon, then crossing your fingers that it gets found in some far off location, or simply that it has made it out of the field without popping on a nearby tree!

So, if you missed out on our Easter race, why not join in our Coronation Race, taking place 2-9 June, and virtually setting off from Westminster Abbey. You will be able to track the balloons as they fly and in the previous race some of them flew over 700 kilometres!

Come and race with us; it is such fun. The cost for a balloon is £3. There are prizes for the first three balloons in the race.

Good luck!  Signup here.

If you have any other questions, please email the SWFI office on with subject line ‘2nd Virtual Balloon Race’.

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